The Best Automatic Electric Motorcycle

The Best Automatic Electric Motorcycle
Product Details

Electric ride on motorcycle introduction

Electric ride on motorcycle is light in weight, swift and powerful. It has a new generation of engines and the most advanced technical features. The maneuvering performance and motor performance of the motorcycle is extremely perfect, satisfying different demands for the purchase of this motorcycle. In terms of daily usage, it can guarantee the pleasure and happy hour of riding when you ride it during travel, on race track or mountain road.

Technical Data



Motor/control:1500w 18 tube

Net weight(kg):130


Max speed(km/h):60

Fr/ Rr tire :120/70-12;120/70-12

Fr brake/ Rr brake:Disk/Disk

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The best electric motorcycle characteristics

1. Operate easy.

2. Quality and price of high cost.

3. Optional colors and more.

4. Reduce pollution and emissions.

5. Performance security.