300W-2000W Electric Scooter With Low Price

300W-2000W Electric Scooter With Low Price
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300W-2000W electric scooter introduction

If you are willing to buy 300W-2000W electric scooter from one of the best electric scooter manufacturers and suppliers in China, with High quality low price 300W-2000W electric scooter for sales, Jiangsu Guowei is always at your service. Welcome to import products from our Guowei.

Technical Data




Net weight(kg):110


Max speed(km/h):50


Fr/Rr Brake: Disk/Disk

Our Advantage

The high power electric motor of our electric scooter is integrated with iron, copper and magnetic resources, and the interior structure is optimized so as to realize intellectualization and increase the magnetic flux of the motor, reduce the current loss and expand the motor power. The superior performance makes riding safer. Comfortable hydraulic shock absorbing system is available in the front and rear part of the scooter, which can reduce the bumpy bump brought by road roughness and relieve riding on the road.