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A brief History of motorcycle development

Oct 16, 2017

Since 1885, Daimler, Germany, invented the world's first petrol engine powered motorcycle, the development of motorcycles has undergone more than 100 years of vicissitudes.

The original motorcycle, the real shape of the German Museum of Science and Technology in Munich, was the first motorcycle in the world to be patented by German Daimler on August 29, 1885.

Limited to more than 100 years ago, the gasoline engine at that time is still in the low-level childish condition, then the vehicle manufacture is still the carriage technical stage, the original motorcycle and the modern motorcycle in the shape, the structure and the performance has the very big difference. The frame of the original motorcycle is wooden. From the wood grain look, is the carpenter processing, the wheel is also wooden, the wheel outer package has a layer of metal, the frame below is a number of square wooden frame, on which the engine, the wooden frame on each side has a small supporting wheel, its role is to prevent dumping at rest. As a result, the car is actually four-wheeled. Single-cylinder fan cooling engine, output power through the belt and gear two-stage deceleration drive, driving rear wheel forward. The seat is made of saddle, and a coat of leather is wrapped outside. Its engine cylinder working volume is 264mL, the maximum power 0.37kW (700r/min), only 1/5 of the modern simple motorcycle. 12km per hour is not much faster than walking. Since there was no buffer, such as spring, the car was called "earthquake-bone car." As you can imagine, it was worse than execution in the 19th century stone Street. Although the original motorcycle is so humble, but from then on the motorcycle can change continuously, continuous improvement, only more than 100 years of hundreds of millions of modern motorcycle descendants.