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A motorized electric scooter how to scootere

Mar 27, 2021

1. Regarding maintenance. The maintenance should be scooterried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction manual. For example, change engine oil (generally 1000 kilometers), gear oil ( 5000 kilometers), clean or replace air filter ( 5000 kilometers), regularly check brakes, or replace brake pads , regularly replace spark plugs, and regularly check battery capacity. 2. During operation, warm up for three minutes after starting in the morning. Don't suddenly refuel when driving, and must make a smooth transition. Never use sudden brakes to slow down. 3. The scooter is infinitely variable , so you can relax the throttle knob completely downhill and let the engine run at idle speed . 4. Wash as little as possible at ordinary times, and pay attention to the wiring harness when washing, otherwise it will not start due to damp and short circuit. Never rinse before cooling down.