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Analysis of failure reasons of electric tricycle controller

Jan 29, 2019

In electric tricycles, there are many parts that look unremarkable but important. The controller is one of them. The start, retreat, and stop of the electric tricycle can be relied on. However, it may cause it to fail in practical applications. Do you know which reasons are included? The first is the damage to the power device and the damage to the power device, which usually involves multiple reasons.


In general, it can be divided into: 1, motor damage; 2, poor quality of the power itself or insufficient selection; 3, device installation or vibration loose; 4, motor overload; 5, power device drive circuit damage or parameter design is not reasonable. Another situation is that the internal power supply of the electric tricycle controller is damaged. Generally, there are several possibilities: the internal circuit of the controller is short-circuited; the peripheral control components are short-circuited; and the external leads are short-circuited.


In addition, during the use of electric tricycles, there may be occasions when the controller is working intermittently. The main considerations are: 1. The parameter drift of the device itself in high temperature or low temperature environment; 2. The overall design power consumption of the controller causes the local temperature of some devices to be too high and the device itself enters the protection state; 3. The contact is poor.www.guoweimoto.com