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Analysis of the types of motorcycles

Oct 16, 2017

Classification of motorcycles, different countries have different classification methods. International Standard (iso3833-1977) divides motorcycles into two categories by speed and weight: dual-use motorcycles and motorcycles. The classification method of Chinese motorcycles has two kinds: one is according to the displacement and the highest design speed, divided into mopeds and motorcycles. Light motorcycle engine operating volume of not more than 50 ml, the highest design speed of not more than 50 kilometers. Motorcycle refers to the engine working volume of more than 50 ml, the highest design speed of more than 50 kilometers of two-wheeled or tricycle motorcycle. Another one is according to the number and position of the wheel, divided into two wheels, side tricycles and tricycle three categories.

Generally used by use, structure and engine type and work volume to classify. If it works only in the city, the short distance of the means of transport, then the selection of less than 50 kilometers per hour, compact small micro-motor scooters or mopeds. Need to often commute between urban and rural, can two people ride, it is advisable to choose the engine working volume $number ml ordinary motorcycle. If the road conditions are poor, require high-speed driving or general competition, then the use of cross-country motorcycles.