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Basic structure and function of electric vehicles

Jul 25, 2018

An electric car is a combination of several components that play different roles. Among them, the charger is an important component, which is mainly a device for replenishing electric energy to the battery. The battery, the core component of electric vehicles, currently includes different types, of which lithium batteries are new energy sources, providing a new direction for the development of the entire industry.


Another important component is also the core component of the electric vehicle electrical system - the controller, the main function is to control the speed of the motor, with undervoltage, current limiting, overcurrent protection. In addition, the handles, brake levers, power-assisted sensors and other components are the signal input components of the controller, and the turn signal is the control signal of the vehicle speed.


In addition to this, the motor is also an important component, and under the action of the motor, the electric vehicle is driven to rotate forward. Commonly used on electric vehicles are: brushed teeth, brushless, toothless, brushless, toothless, side-mounted motor. In addition, lamps, instruments, lamps, instrument parts, etc. are also indispensable components.http://www.guoweimoto.com/