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Characteristics of Motorcycle Engine

Oct 16, 2017

(1) engine for two stroke or four stroke petrol engine.

(2) The use of air-cooled cooling, natural air-cooled and forced air-cooled two. The general model uses the natural air-cooled cooling mode which relies on the air blowing through the cylinder head and the heat sink on the cylinder sleeve. High-power motorcycle engine in order to ensure the low speed and before the start of the engine cooling, the use of a fan and wind shroud, the use of forced imports of air cooled heat sinks cooling mode.

(3) The engine speed is high, generally in 5000 rpm/min. The high power (the effective power emitted by the engine displacement per litre) is large, usually around 60-kilowatt/liter. This shows that the motorcycle engine has a high degree of strengthening and the size of the engine is small.

(4) Engine crankcase and clutch, gearbox design integrated, compact structure.