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Checking matters before the scooter runs

Mar 05, 2020

1. Tire pressure check. I don't like to use the hand to kick the foot. The foot kick is pressed with the foot on the outside of the wheel. If the tire does not sink, it will be fine. You can often use it to train your own sense of pedaling.

2. Lubricating oil check: If you do n’t like to tighten the oil scale, you can drive at a low speed after starting the car. Listen to the sound of the engine and feel that the sudden increase may be due to too little lubricating oil.

3. Check the fuel quantity: if the oil gauge shows that there is too little oil, do n’t be lucky. It ’s a cold start in the morning. It must cost some oil. Second, the car will not drive fast during commuting time, and it will also cost fuel, which will cause driving. The mileage is less than the actual estimate. If there is no gas station nearby, it is even worse. Do n’t over-tighten the fuel consumption. At present, the scooter does not have a spare fuel tank. In case you are on the road, you will have a push Too. The push of the belt car is slower and slower. The resistance after the belt becomes cold is quite large. It can also make you sweat in winter. Friends who like to exercise can try it.

4. Brake check: Squeeze the brake lever with your hand and sit on the car to see if you can push the car forward. If you ca n’t push it, it means the brake is normal. This check is also easy to overlook. After all, it is safe for you and your family It is very important.

5. Check the lighting system. The car equipped with anti-theft alarm is simpler. You may use remote control to unlock to see if the lights are flashing. Check the headlights by the way. In the city, the light is brighter at night. Not too big, but the turn signal must ensure that it can work normally and reduce the hidden danger of accidents.