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Common breakdowns of motorcycles

Oct 16, 2017

1, Exhaust pipe smoke blue

The fault of the Blue smoke phenomenon is: the engine working process, in the exhaust muffler tail often visible light blue smoke, and oil consumption too fast phenomenon. The cause of the failure may be: the oil surface is too high, the compression pressure of the cylinder is lower than the specified value, and the gap between piston, piston and cylinder is enlarged.

2, Exhaust pipe smoke black

The fault of the black smoke is: When the engine works, the exhaust pipe is black smoke, and can smell the pungent gasoline smell, the acceleration is more obvious. The cause of the failure may be: Mixed gas is too dense;

3, exhaust pipe white smoke

White smoke of the original fault phenomenon is: When the engine works, exhaust gas pipe to run the black smog. The reason for the failure may be that the fuel contains moisture.