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Common sense of fire prevention for electric two-wheelers

Apr 04, 2020

When the electric two-wheeled vehicle is in use, it is necessary to always check the circuit insertion points of the electric two-wheeled vehicle to prevent the loose contact caused by the contact point to catch fire, heat, and avoid the aging and wear of the circuit to cause short circuit and string accidents.

During the normal use of the electric two-wheeled vehicle, a professional maintenance organization or personnel should be selected. Do not disassemble the electrical protection device without authorization to ensure that the electrical circuit and protection device are intact and effective. When the battery is charging, it will run out of flammable gas, so the charging must not be in a narrow, sealed environment, it should be performed outdoors, or the battery should be removed and charged separately.

Finally, choose a suitable circuit for charging the electric two-wheeled vehicle, the circuit should be fixedly installed, and short-circuit and leakage protection devices should be installed