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Design method of low-position electric motorcycle

Aug 02, 2018

From the essence of low-profile electric motorcycle design, in order to achieve the humanized design concept as much as possible, and to design a low-profile streamline concept that meets technical and aesthetic requirements, the following design methods should be followed:


First of all, in the product model, the structural design of the electric motorcycle should be simplified, as far as possible to save some sharp and rigid details, using smooth lines, low body structure.

Secondly, in terms of color, electric motorcycles should have the urban sense of fashion and distinctive personality characteristics, suitable for the enthusiasm of young people, the color is basically warm tones.

Third, considering the use of this series of electric motorcycles, we can adopt different structural design forms, such as a group suitable for petite women or short stature groups, and another style suitable for large groups. It is more in line with human design and man-machine requirements.

Finally, it is about the style positioning of electric motorcycles. The whole series is based on the simple style of low body. The design is based on the low-profile streamline design. The built-in space design and shape design must follow the form follow-up. Functional design concept.http://www.guoweimoto.com/