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Displacement of curved beam scooter

Mar 31, 2021

The 125ml- displacement curved beam scooter is definitely not an expansion of the cylinder based on the original 100 displacement, but the engine has a qualitative leap on the original basis: the power has increased by 15.8% ; the fuel consumption has been reduced by 26% , due to the curved beam The scooter adopts chain air distribution and has an automatic chain adjuster, which overcomes the weaknesses of other roller chain transmissions such as low precision, large matching gap, strong impact force, and high noise, and minimizes the noise of the engine. In addition , the increase in the weight of the 125ml engine has made it easy to solve the problem that users reported that they would drift when the speed was high when driving a 100- displacement curved beam scooter. In a county network, a dealer comes Lifan 125 enraptured when bending beam " of our market, mainly in the main curved beam motorcycle, I thought 125 displacement cost of oil , did not expect more than 100 also fuel emissions, ride twenty-three I run very happily! "