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Do you know the standard for electric tricycles?

May 04, 2018

In order to ensure the quality of the product, electric tricycles must go through a series of tests before leaving the factory. We know that electric tricycles are also battery-powered and electrically driven. Under normal conditions, the rated load is not more than 400 KG, and the nominal voltage of battery supply is not more than 48 V.

At the same time, the driving speed of electric tricycle also has certain standard, it is generally required that its maximum speed should not be more than 20km/h. in the course of driving, the time to start up to the distance of 100m should not be more than 30 seconds. As to the car's continued mileage, it should meet the standard of no less than 75KM after the recharging. And the car The climbing capacity of a vehicle also needs to meet certain standard requirements.

In addition, the wiring connection and switch arrangement of the electric tricycle must also meet the requirements. Must ensure that all switches in the line, plug-in contact should be good, wire welding should be solid and reliable. The structure and housing of an electrically assisted tricycle shall provide adequate protection against accidental electrical shock and live parts. Batteries should not climb alkali, leakage phenomenon. The installation and connection of the battery should be convenient and marked with obvious polarity.

In addition to these basic requirements, electric tricycle electrical systems also need to meet the standard requirements. It should not only have the protection function of overcurrent, electrode reverse connection, brake power off and so on, but also have undervoltage indication. Chargers should have fuses and charging instructions and should be able to work normally at 50hzl0-240 v.

And about electric tricycle appearance quality and braking performance and so on have the strict standard. Under normal circumstances, there should be automatic power failure during braking. The surfaces of all exposed parts should be clean. The surface of electroplating parts should be bright, should not be exposed to the bottom, scratch. The surface of each paint piece should be smooth, smooth and even in color. Electric tricycle frame should be welded firmly, smooth surface, no loose fasteners.http://www.guoweimoto.com/