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Electric Motorcycle Frame Structure Optimization Suggestions

Jan 29, 2019

Nowadays, light electric motorcycles are more popular and loved by consumers. At the same time, with the cost pressure caused by rising raw material prices, and people's requirements for the dynamic performance and endurance of electric motorcycles, the frame is getting higher and higher. As the main component of the whole vehicle, how to effectively reduce the weight of the frame to save costs and improve the working performance of the vehicle has become a hot issue.


Therefore, it is necessary to optimize and optimize the frame structure of the electric motorcycle, so that not only can the weight of the frame be effectively reduced, but also the amount of materials can be reduced. Of course, considering that the frame is the structural skeleton of the whole vehicle and carrying the entire load of the whole vehicle, it is an important safety component, so it is necessary to ensure sufficient strength in the optimization process.


Therefore, when optimizing the structure of the electric motorcycle frame, considering that the frame is welded by multiple pipe fittings, in order to improve the mechanical performance and reduce the weight of the electric motorcycle frame, it is currently a kind of structural size optimization. A proven method and a more reasonable frame parameter.www.guoweimoto.com