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Electric motorcycle safety protection features

Jul 20, 2018

We know that the biggest difference between a new type of vehicle, the electric motorcycle, is that it changes the traditional internal combustion engine drive to electric drive. At the same time, in terms of electrical safety protection, GB24155-2009 has very detailed requirements on the safety requirements of electric motorcycles and electric mopeds.


Firstly, in the insulation resistance of the electric motorcycle, the insulation resistance requirements of the power drive components and the corresponding electrical circuits are specifically clarified; secondly, in the withstand voltage test, the voltage regulation is determined according to different working voltages and different insulation forms. The corresponding technical requirements. Moreover, the vehicle itself is an open-air electrical appliance, and the rain and moisture will cause the appliance to be unsafe, and the waterproof test (car wash, rain, wading) is prescribed.


Specifically, it is necessary to ensure that the insulation resistance and withstand voltage test of the electric motorcycle must meet the corresponding requirements regardless of whether it is in the dry state or in the wet state. Only in this way can the user ensure the safety of electric motorcycles on rainy days.