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Electric powered tricycles construction

Apr 08, 2021

Electric powered tricycle has three wheels means of transport, is modified from a bicycle, can also be manned scootergo in the 20 century, 30 very popular years later, then gradually replaced the rickshaw. Tricycles are a combination of rickshaws and bicycles, which can be divided into human tricycles, electric tricycles, children's tricycles, and battery tricycles. The tricycle is divided into front and rear parts. The front part has a steerable wheel, the handlebar, the bell, the brake, the pedals and the seat. The chain drives the rear wheels to rotate. The rear part of the tricycle is mainly a scooterriage with a wooden semicircular body that can seat two people side by side. A foldable rain canopy is installed on the scooterriage, with springs and two wheels installed underneath. Under the seat is a wooden box, which can be opened to store the driver’s tools and sundries. There are cushions made of cloth and cotton on the seats, and there are footrests underneath. There are two hooks on the front of the scooterriage, and you can hang rain-proof curtains. The curtains are generally made of canvas or oil cloth. In winter, cotton curtains are used to keep out the wind and cold.