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Electric sport motorcycle guarantees excellent performance

Dec 13, 2018

In recent years, urban traffic problems have caused widespread concern. Especially with the increase in car ownership, environmental pollution problems and energy problems are becoming more and more serious. At the same time, the promotion and application of Electric sport motorcycles and technology development are receiving more and more attention. Currently, as a driving motor for electric vehicles, a switched reluctance motor is the best driving motor.


Therefore, in the structural composition of the Electric sport motorcycle, the advanced switched reluctance motor is used as the core of the drive system, and has a high technological content. The driving operation is simple, the ride is comfortable, there is no oil pollution, the use and maintenance are convenient, there is no pollution, and the noise is small, and it is especially suitable for the urban working class as a means of transportation for commuting.


The series of Electric sport motorcycles have excellent overall performance. Among them, the switched reluctance motor of the Electric sport motorcycle power core adopts 8/6 structure and adopts a 4-phase 8-tube topology circuit. At the same time, the regenerative braking control scheme is introduced in the control of the Electric sport motorcycle, so that the Electric sport motorcycle can convert the mechanical energy into electric energy and feed back to the storage battery when braking or downhill.http://guoweimoto.com/