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Electric tricycle work efficiency

Mar 13, 2019

Electric tricycle work efficiency


The efficiency of an electric tricycle includes hub motor efficiency, controller efficiency, and mechanical transmission efficiency, where the efficiency of the hub motor is dominant. The area where the motor efficiency is greater than 70% is called the efficiency interval, and the common working point of the motor is about 130W. When the motor is at this power point, the motor can continuously and reliably operate.


For electric tricycles, high-quality motors require a wide curved platform and a wide efficiency range so that the motor can have high shaft transmission efficiency at different torques. If the motor is not in the effective efficiency range, to achieve the same driving effect, it is necessary to increase the current to limit the balance.


If the efficiency is low, it will cause the motor to work at a large current for a long time, which will directly lead to rapid decay of the battery capacity. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the motor lead to the difference in the mileage of the electric tricycle. Also, the influence of the controller on the battery can not be ignored. And also consider the consistency of the battery pack itself.www.guoweimoto.com