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Electric tricycles for different purposes

Mar 26, 2018

In the current electric tricycle market, there are four main types of electric tricycles: leisure, passenger, passenger and freight.

First of all, at present, the recreational electric tricycles are mainly for their own use. They are mainly used by the elderly for leisure and entertainment, to send their children to school or to buy food and go to relatives. These types of tricycles are lighter in body, lower in speed, less in power, and more energy-efficient, as well as assistant pedals. Can be used as low-power or power-free emergency use, but also as an elderly exercise tools.

However, passenger electric tricycles are mostly used for close distance passenger transport in urban areas. The main characteristics of this type of tricycles are that they have a strong bearing capacity, can seat between five and six people, have a relatively large battery capacity, and have a relatively long body weight. Generally, the middle motor or differential motor is used as the driving mode of the rear axle. The battery capacity is large, the motor power is large, the voltage is high, the travel is relatively long. Relatively speaking, the speed of the motor is relatively high, and the body is relatively large. Longer wheelbase and better stability.

The so-called passenger and cargo electric tricycles combine the advantages of both passenger and freight transport, so they are also more widely used. Usually the middle motor or differential motor is used as the rear axle drive system, which can not only be manned. They can also carry goods, both in urban and rural areas, and this type of tricycle has higher motor power, battery capacity, battery pack voltage, higher speed, stronger power, and further travel.

In general, freight electric tricycles are also driven mainly by a medium motor or a differential motor. This type of tricycle motor has higher power, higher battery voltage and higher motor power. Battery capacity is larger. And freight electric tricycles have the highest steel number, thicker steel plates, and higher costs.http://www.guoweimoto.com/