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Electric vehicle commissioning and maintenance points

Jan 28, 2019

Regarding the commissioning and inspection of electric vehicles, it is generally said that all the screws and nuts on the vehicle are confirmed to be fastened, the control performance is good, the tires are in good condition, the mechanical system is good, and the battery capacity is up to standard. For the complete commissioning of the whole vehicle of the electric vehicle, it is mainly to check whether the electrical control circuit has hidden troubles, whether the electrical connection line is damaged or not, and if it should be eliminated on the spot.


Then pay attention to check the brake system of the electric vehicle to ensure that the brake is flexible and reliable; at the same time, confirm that the handlebar is turned reliably. In addition, the battery should be checked regularly to avoid affecting the battery life. When using for the first time, pay attention to the gear oil in the rear axle gearbox. Afterwards, check the rear axle gearbox for oil leakage, seal gasket damage, lack of lubricating oil, replace the gasket in time, and replenish the lubricating oil.


In addition to the above, the transmission parts of the electric vehicle's gearbox, motor sprocket and chain should be regularly lubricated. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the use. The whole vehicle bolts are tightened once in a row to check for looseness or falling off, and the anti-rust liquid is properly applied to avoid screw rust and cause difficulty in maintenance during the life. The whole vehicle is clean and wiped clean.www.guoweimoto.com