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Electric vehicles anti-theft Guide

Jan 25, 2021

Buy a lock and lock the electric vehicles at any time. At present, the locks of electric vehicles on the market are messy and the quality is uneven, so be sure to go to a regular lock shop to buy good quality anti-hydraulic pliers locks. If possible, add a chain lock to the battery scooter battery . Try not to keep the electric scooter out of sight when you go out to do errands. Try to park in an attended garage or parking lot. If you have a garage in your unit or home, you must put it in the garage, not on the corridor or on the side of the road . Install GPS positioning alarm. This is the most effective anti-theft method . Don't trust surveillance and self-righteous security areas. Now that there are surveillance probes everywhere in the city, don't think that you won't be stolen if you put them where there is surveillance. Even if there is surveillance, the police may not help you find it after you report it. In addition, don't assume that you will not be stolen if you stop at a school, gate or other place where you think you are safe. The author once parked the electric scooter in the parking lot in front of the gate of the Provincial Justice Department, and was stolen after dinner. Please remove the battery if parked for a long time. In addition to the theft of the whole vehicle, the most stolen electric vehicle is the theft of the battery. If it is stored for a long time, the best way is to remove the battery and bring it back. In general, scooter thieves will not attack an electric scooter without a battery.