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Electrical friction performance is usually determined by motors, batteries and controllers

Mar 08, 2018

In electric friction, the performance of the three key components, motor, battery and controller, will directly affect or determine the overall performance of the motor.

First of all, at present, the main power of electric motor in the market includes 500W / 800WN 1000WN 1200W / 1500W and so on. The motor power directly affects the power performance of the whole vehicle, and the high power power is mostly used for large electric motor friction. Nowadays, the most common ones are 500W and 800W.

Secondly, about the battery part of the product. At present, the batteries used are mainly lead-acid batteries and batteries. In fact, the batteries can basically be fitted according to the type of electric motor and the needs of the customers. "AH" is the capacity of the battery. In general, the voltage of the battery affects the full use of the motor. The size of "AH", that is, the size of the battery capacity, directly affects the service time of the first charge. That is to say, it determines the farthest mileage of a charge.

Finally, let's understand the role of the controller. In the electric friction, the controller is also a very important component, generally divided into 9-hole controller and 12-hole controller. The performance of the controller also determines the performance of the motor.

In addition, for electric friction products, there is also a mutual relationship between the three key components. Good performance of one of the components does not mean that the performance of the whole car can be completely improved. For example, the high power consumption of the motor, And the performance of the voltage directly affects the power of the motor. The performance of the controller also determines the stability and power of the whole vehicle.

To sum up, an excellent electric friction product needs the above three high quality components at the same time, and these three main parts can be matched reasonably in order to give full play to their respective performance and improve the performance of the electric motor.http://www.guoweimoto.com/