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Factors affecting the life of electric motorcycle battery

Apr 27, 2019

 The battery is the power source of the electric motorcycle, and the battery life will directly affect the vehicle usage. The life factor of the battery can be divided into three aspects. The first is the performance and quality of the battery itself, followed by the factors that match the electric motorcycle, and the third is the user's use.


In fact, in the composition of electric motorcycles, there are two main factors affecting the service life of the battery, namely: 1. The efficiency status of the motor; 2. The design of the charger. If the motor efficiency range is narrow, on the one hand, the power consumption level increases. On the other hand, it often works in the low efficiency zone, and the inside of the motor is prone to heat. When the temperature is too high, the magnetic material will irreversibly demagnetize. Over time, the efficiency is further reduced. In order to enter a vicious circle, this electric car will become a "electric tiger" in a certain sense, even if the battery is replaced, it will not help.


In addition, the factors that cause the performance of electric motorcycle motors to decline include: excessive brush wear, flat commutator wear, wear of the deceleration system, and so on. Therefore, the customer should choose a motor with better performance and pay attention to keep in touch with the repair service and replace the worn parts when it expires, which helps to use the electric motorcycle.www.guoweimoto.com