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Five standards of good electric motorcycle---strength, speed, far, wisdom, cool!

Oct 30, 2017

With the gradual improvement of the road system and the change of consumption concept, the electric motorcycle has gradually become the preferred means of transportation for more consumers. Do you know how to select a good electric motorcycle? When selecting, what criteria do we need to refer to? Then, let’s learn something about it.

In general, a good electric motorcycle should meet the five requirements, that is, strong enough, fast enough, far enough, smart enough and cool enough. First of all, this type of vehicle is different from the traditional electric vehicle product. Because of its larger body weight, in the selection, we must ensure that the vehicle is strong enough.

Theoretically speaking, the adequacy of a electric motorcycle mainly depends on the motor power supplied by the vehicle and the current limiting size of the controller. Usually, in the plain area, 30H magnetic steel can meet the dynamic demand. For some places where climbing is often needed, the motor should select the 35H magnetic steel.


Correspondingly, the limit flow range should be between 33A - 35A. If choose the electric motorcycle according to this standard, then you can choose a strong electric motorcycle. The second requirement is far enough, which mainly refers to the mileage of the vehicle. This time we need to consider the daily use need to select vehicle battery specifications.

And then the demand is fast enough. In contrast, the speed of electric motorcycle is faster, which is one of the main reasons for attracting many young consumers. Normally, it can reach the speed of 50km - 60km/h. At the same time, with the development of the market, intelligence is its one of the future development direction.

The last point to choose is to be cool. If In the absence of fashion, cool appearance, then it can not be called electric motorcycle. In fact, the appearance of the good electric motorcycle also looks bright, which can attract more people's attention. It can be said that the electric motorcycle must be cool today with fashion sense.

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