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Future development trend of Motor Scooters battery and power supply

Dec 12, 2018

Current Motor Scooterss are typically designed for speeds of 16 to 25 kilometers per hour, and today's consumers are expecting longer battery life and further improved endurance. That is, it is desirable that the Motor Scooters battery and the power source have the characteristics of large capacity and high voltage.


In view of the needs of consumers and the improvement of endurance and efficiency, the future development direction of Motor Scooters power systems is a larger capacity, higher voltage battery. At present, a battery pack of 60V or higher has begun to appear on the market. Compared with the existing battery pack, this battery pack can output a smaller current under the condition of ensuring the same power, which is undoubtedly reducing the amount of heat generated. It makes sense to improve efficiency. At the same time, it should be noted that this puts higher demands on the pressure resistance of the controller.


In comparison, lithium batteries have gradually gained consumer attention in the market due to their high energy density and good environmental characteristics. Lithium batteries have strict requirements on chargers and equalization protection circuits. In particular, lithium battery equalization control requires high control accuracy, so it can meet the accuracy requirements of current, voltage sampling and MOS switches. It is reported that lithium batteries have been gradually applied to various Motor Scooterss and show a good development prospect.www.guoweimoto.com