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How should electric vehicles be maintained at different times?

Mar 29, 2018

In order to extend the service life of an electric vehicle as long as possible, we have to do a good job of maintenance. In fact, starting with the purchase of an electric vehicle, we have to do the relevant maintenance work. In order to effectively prolong the service life, and at different times, we need to do different maintenance work.

So, what problems do we need to pay attention to after buying electric cars? I believe a lot of friends are confused about these questions. Let's learn about the following details.

First of all, in different time periods, the maintenance of electric vehicles is also different. For example, when we choose to buy, we should pay attention to the choice of their own products. And we need to understand the specific configuration and performance of the vehicle. After we start, we need to read the instructions carefully, and learn to charge correctly, and develop good charging habits and usage habits.

It is important to note that when charging, we should pay attention to adequate space and good ventilation. For example, in summer, we should pay attention to heat dissipation and maintain good ventilation to ensure safety. Because the temperature is low, it is best to charge indoors so as not to affect the charging efficiency. In addition, in the charging process, should be as far as possible away from the source of fire and fuel.

In rainy days , pay attention to controlling the running speed of the electric vehicle , but also pay attention to not driving in the deeper parts of the water , so as to prevent the electrical components from being adversely affected . It is hoped that the knowledge can be kept in mind , and the electric vehicle can be better used so as to make it a good partner in our lives .http://www.guoweimoto.com/