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How to buy an electric tricycle

Feb 12, 2020

1. It depends on the tricycle frame.

     You cannot blindly think that the thick pipe is good quality. The key to the quality of the frame is the thickness of the pipe. The quality of the frame is related to the safety, stability and life of the vehicle. The inferior frame is easy to break, resulting in safety accidents. So be careful.

Second, it depends on the shock absorption system.

Can be judged by two points, front fork sleeve shock absorption and rear leaf spring shock absorption. The damping system is much more important for tricycles than for two-wheelers, because electric vehicles are heavier and have worse road conditions. The quality of the damping system is extremely important for the comfort and stability of electric tricycles.

3. It depends on the details.

Details determine whether the product is a premium product. Especially for electric tricycles with hundreds of parts. Screws are small parts that use more than one, which can be distinguished from colors. High-quality screws are silver and green; inferior screws are yellow and white. In addition, things like front mud tiles, plastic parts, lamps, meters, compartment locks, hinges, battery compartments, pressure plates, etc., must be carefully checked.

Fourth, it depends on the vehicle wiring harness.

Electric vehicles are driven by electricity and have complex vehicle routes. The cores of high-quality wire harnesses are thick and the layout design is reasonable; the cores of inferior wire harnesses are made of hard and impure materials, which are prone to corrosion and rust, and the insulation materials are prone to aging and cracking, and are more prone to line failures.