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How to buy motorcycles

Apr 15, 2020

⑴ The quality of the engine is the key to determine the quality of the motorcycle. When selecting, first observe whether the engine and the frame are on the same center line, and then step on the start lever in neutral. If no sound is heard, it means that the engine cylinder is OK.

⑵ The appearance of the car body. It requires a reasonable layout, novel and beautiful, smooth and bright. The front and rear shock absorbers must be parallel and symmetrical to the front and rear tires. At the same time, various accessories and parts are required. In addition, the quality of the spray-painted electroplating parts is not only the main factor that determines the beautiful appearance, but also plays a role in protecting the parts and reducing wear. The appearance of the painting parts requires the paint surface to be well-proportioned, bright, and free of bumps.

⑶ control mechanism. The control mechanism includes many aspects, mainly check the steering handle, clutch grip, throttle wire handle, front and rear brake devices and other components. The elastic force on both sides of the front and rear shock absorber cylinders is required to be uniform, the steering handle is flexible and reliable, the clutch grip and throttle cable handle are free to rotate, and the front and rear brakes are safe and reliable (the return position must also return to the original position).

⑷Electrical equipment. Check the working conditions of the headlights, direction lights, brake lights, instrument lights and the sound of the horn one by one. If there is no abnormality, it means the electrical appliances are normal. In addition, you can take the car back and forth for a few trips, and it feels very light for the superior car. On the contrary, the parts and components in a certain place encounter friction to produce resistance. It is also necessary to observe whether the front and rear shock absorbers and the engine have oil leakage, whether the ride is comfortable.