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How to choose the optional scooter electric scooter

Mar 05, 2021

1. Market stores mean that scooters of various brands are sold together, and the competition is fierce. Therefore, the same scooter, the market store is cheaper than a single store or online (in fact, the logistics cost is added to the online purchase, and the after-sales is difficult. How can I choose an electric scooter without trying it?) Of course, in order to prevent some miscellaneous brands from overcharging, it is best to choose a brand with two or more gears; 2. After entering the store, we must first see that this store is the main business What brand, after entering, only choose scooters of the same brand as the door (because almost every store will put other brand scooters in the store, attracting customers at low prices, and some unscrupulous merchants will even directly say that their brand is a sub-brand of the main brand. ), and then choose a vehicle according to your needs for appearance, battery, power, etc.; 3. After you have an expectation of model and price in mind, then make a horizontal comparison between brands .