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How to maintain the electric tricycle

Mar 09, 2019

Electric tricycles are an indispensable travel tool that can not only transport goods but also travel in the streets. Although the electric tricycle is good, it is necessary to understand the maintenance of the electric tricycle. When adjusting the height of the handlebar, pay attention to the safety line of the riser should not be exposed outside the front fork lock; when adjusting the height of the saddle, note that the safety line of the saddle should not be exposed outside the middle of the frame.


Check whether the electric tricycle brake power-off device is in good condition, support the bracket, open the electric door, rotate the right turn handle, start the motor, and then gently hold the left brake lever, the motor should be able to power off quickly and gradually stop rotating. At this time, if the motor can't be powered off, stop the drive and ask the professional to repair it before use.


After the air is charged to a certain pressure, the rim is rotated and the tire is evenly tapped by hand, and then the inflation is continued to make the tire and the rim match, so as to avoid the phenomenon of slipping tires during riding. When riding in winter, the battery pack's capacity is reduced due to low temperature, the same riding distance, the depth of discharge will be increased, and the pedal assist will help to extend the battery life.


Regularly check the front and rear forks, handlebars, flat fork shafts, rear shock absorbers, and fasteners of the electric tricycle, and use lubricating oil to maintain the relevant transmission parts of the car body. When buying an electric tricycle, the first thing to look at is the size of the electric tricycle battery and the size of the motor. This is related to the power problem of the electric tricycle. Then it depends on whether the various parts of the whole vehicle are complete, whether the lights and instruments are normal. Work; depends on whether the material used in the body is strong, whether the parts of the weld are solid or defective; whether it is audible during the test ride.www.guoweimoto.com