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How to use electric vehicles

Mar 09, 2021

1. Don't let people who don't know how to ride a bike to prevent damage from falling and collision, and don't overload heavy objects and scooterry people, so as to avoid excessive power consumption or traffic accidents. Before each use, check whether the performance of the brakes and the speed control handle are good, and whether the front and rear wheels are normal to ensure normal riding and riding safety. 2. Turn off the power switch when getting off the scooter or parking. The main points of daily use can be summarized as: good maintenance, more assistance, and frequent charging. Good maintenance: Don’t accidentally damage the electric bicycle . If you don’t let the water accumulate the center and the controller, you must open the lock when starting. 3. Close the electric door after getting off the scooter. Normally, the tires should be inflated enough. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, avoid storage in high temperature and corrosive environments, and brakes should be moderately tight; multi-assisted: 4. The ideal use method is to use people to assist scooters, electricity to assist pedestrians, and human power linkage, which saves effort and electricity. . Since the mileage is related to vehicle weight, road conditions, number of starts, number of brakes, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, tire pressure, etc., you must first ride with pedals when you start, and twist the adjusting handle during riding. When driving on bridges, uphills, headwinds, and heavy loads, you must use pedals to help avoid damage to the battery and affect the battery life. 5. Frequent charging: Use lead-acid batteries , and develop them to be charged on the same day. It is customary to fully charge the electric bicycle after riding every day, no matter how far you ride. Don't wait for the electricity to run out and then recharge, so as not to shorten the battery life due to deep discharge.