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Ice and snow road electric car riding should pay attention to matters

Apr 29, 2019

The road surface is smooth and the ice is frozen on the winter. Cycling becomes very dangerous, whether it is a bicycle or an electric car. Therefore, the precautions and anti-skid measures for riding an electric car on ice and snow roads are very important. First, do not brake on ice and snow, the speed is too fast, the tires are too narrow, the tire pressure is too high, and there will be a fall accident. Second, do not make sharp turns on the snow and ice. Third, don't ride on the ice ridge; fourth, don't drive downhill on ice and snow.


When riding a snowmobile in the snow, when you want to brake in the corner, try to use the rear brake as much as possible, otherwise it will easily slip. In addition, try to keep the body perpendicular to the road when braking. Try not to brake when passing through the icy area. It is best to use the throttle to control the speed.


In order to effectively prevent the electric car from slipping in the winter, it is necessary to concentrate and drive carefully, find out the situation and deal with it in advance. Control the speed of the car and move at a constant speed. Keep the driving speed even, don't be fast and slow. When turning, the speed should be reduced, and the direction should be slowed to avoid excessive turning and causing side slip. When passing the slope with large slope and long section, stop the snow on the higher side or dig a wheel with the same width as the wheel. The grooves allow the wheels to pass smoothly through the slots.


When the brake is used correctly, the action of the electric vehicle should be gentle when braking. The general method is to slowly step on the brake pedal. When the body feels slightly forward, keep the pedal position or lift it a little to eliminate the inertia of the vehicle's forward thrust. Never use emergency brake.www.guoweimoto.com