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Innovative design of electric car appearance

Apr 08, 2018

The rapid development of the domestic electric vehicle market is believed to be obvious to everyone. With the wide application of electric vehicles, in addition to the higher requirements for the performance of hardware such as batteries, motors, chargers, power transmission and security measures, due to the consumer's own differences and the pursuit of personalization, The appearance requirements are also growing.


In general, when selecting electric vehicles, we mainly consider the following factors: appearance, price, and service. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, people have increasingly diversified requirements on the appearance and quality of products. It is hoped that such durable consumer goods as a means of transport can have a stylish and classic, innovative appearance.


In order to meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers are also constantly making innovations and improvements. For example, in the design process, the ergonomic theoretical knowledge is combined. With the intervention of ergonomics, it is possible to study how the user considers riding efficiency, human health, safety, and comfort while riding an electric vehicle. In other words, we must fully consider the characteristics of the human body in order to meet the requirements of more comfort and fashion.


In general, when we innovatively design our appearance, we also require that the cyclist's physical strength and energy consumption be minimized during cycling, and that safety, comfort, speed, and convenience can be achieved. Therefore, the appearance design of electric vehicles must not only conform to the laws of formal beauty, but also meet the requirements of various functions of the human body.


To meet this requirement, we must not only design the frame of the electric car well to meet the requirements of most people. At the same time, the design of electric bicycle handlebars also needs to be improved. This can increase the overall aesthetic appearance of the electric vehicle, and further increase the enjoyment and comfort of riding.http://www.guoweimoto.com/