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Insulation and waterproof design requirements for the electric motorcycle battery box

Jan 05, 2019

As is known to all, the battery is an important component in the electric motorcycle, so it is necessary to achieve the protection of the battery through the battery box when designing the structure. In addition to ensuring the storage of batteries, the battery box must effectively isolate the operator and passengers from contact with the battery. So what are the specific design requirements?


First of all, the battery box of an electric motorcycle must be reliably grounded. In fact, the insulation resistance value between the battery box and the battery is a sufficient value determined for safety purposes. It is required that the insulation resistance value is divided by the nominal voltage U of the power battery during the entire life of the power battery, and the value obtained should be greater than 120/V. In addition, the minimum distance between the two-stage and two-stage connection plates of the battery and the battery box must be >10 mm to prevent breakdown discharge.


At the same time, a layer of insulating varnish should be applied inside the battery box of the electric motorcycle, and the height design of the battery box must also be ensured to be higher than the minimum passing distance of 200 mm or more to prevent mechanical damage and splashing. The heat dissipation vents and cable connections of the battery box must be placed above the height of the battery box 2/3, and it is recommended to be placed at the upper end of the cabinet.www.guoweimoto.com