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Introduction to the basic composition of electric tricycles

Apr 28, 2019

The electric tricycle is one of the common traffic and transportation tools. The body part is mainly composed of the frame, the rear body, the front fork, the seat, the front and rear wheels and other parts constitute the main body to support the whole vehicle. The display lamp, the instrument indicator display device, the speaker and other audio devices and the charger constitute the electrical instrument part, which are the main devices reflecting the driving state of the vehicle.


For electric tricycles, an important part of the power and transmission parts, which is mainly composed of motors, bearings, drive sprocket, transmission and other parts. The working principle is that after the circuit is turned on, the driving motor rotates to drive the driving wheel brake, and the other two driven wheels drive the whole vehicle to travel.


In the structural design, the stepless speed change is adopted, and the running speed of the motor is controlled by different output voltages. Generally, the electric tricycle with a large load weight mostly adopts a central motor or a differential motor as a drive system, thereby ensuring More powerful. The brake part is composed of a handlebar and a brake device with a speed governing device, which is mainly used to control the driving direction, running speed and braking of the electric tricycle.www.guoweimoto.com