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Introduction to Tricycle

Oct 16, 2017

The tricycle is divided into two parts, the front has a wheel which can turn, handlebar, bell, brake, pedal.

Tricycle Album (20) and car seat, with a chain to drive the rear of the wheel rotation.

The rear of the tricycle is mainly the carriage, the box body is the wooden semicircle, can ride two person side by side.

A collapsible awning is fitted to the compartment, with springs and two of wheels underneath it. Below the seat is a wooden box, which can be opened to store the coachman's tools and sundry. Seat cushions made of useful cloth and lint, with foot pedals underneath.

Car front two look at the hook, can hang rain curtain, curtains are generally made of canvas or tarpaulin, winter is used to cotton curtain, wind to avoid cold.

Another tricycle, called a child tricycle, is a toy designed for toddlers. In addition to only one person's difference, the child tricycle no chain and brakes, the car pedal directly connected to the front wheel, the speed of the wheel pedal speed is exactly the same.