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Knowledge sharing and Pre-cycling Inspection of Electric vehicle charging

May 02, 2018

First of all, when charging an electric vehicle, pay attention to choosing a suitable place and placing the vehicle in a safe place that children cannot touch. Do not use other brands of chargers, and other types of batteries should not use this electric car charger.

Secondly , when charging with an electric vehicle charger , it is not allowed to cover any other items above it , but also to be used in a dry , well - ventilated environment . In the course of charging , please stop charging immediately and send it to the outlet for maintenance if the smell or temperature is too high .

In order to ensure the safety of riding, it is necessary to check the electric vehicle before going out.

First of all, pay attention to check whether the tire pressure of electric vehicles is normal;

Second , check whether the rear wheel is locked and the tightening torque of the front wheel fastening nut is not less than 19.6Nm before checking the car , and the tightening torque of the rear wheel nut is not less than 30Nm ;

Normally, the saddle of electric vehicle, the torque of fastening nut of saddle tube is not less than 19.6Nm, the depth of insertion of saddle tube is not less than 2.5 times of the diameter of saddle tube, note that the depth of insertion must not reveal the safety line of saddle tube;

In addition, the brake adjustment of electric vehicle should ensure reliable brake, flexible reset;

If it is an electric vehicle with folding function, then be careful that the quick disassembly device must be locked before riding!http://www.guoweimoto.com/