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Main components of electric vehicle motor control system

Jan 12, 2019

Structurally, the control system of an electric vehicle motor is usually composed of an electric motor, a power converter, a sensor, and a controller. The electric vehicle motor control system should select a suitable microprocessor system according to the complexity of its control algorithm. The simpler one is to choose a single-chip controller, and the complicated DSP controller can be used. The latest motor-driven special chip can meet the motor control requirements of some auxiliary systems.


In the control circuit of the electric vehicle, the main components are: the control chip and its drive system, the AD sampling system, the power module and its drive system, the hardware protection system, the position detection system, the busbar support capacitor, and the like.


Combined with the actual application of the electric vehicle, in order to adapt to the working requirements of the control system, in the high current, high frequency switching state, the stray inductance from the electrolytic capacitor to the power switch module is used for the power consumption of the power circuit, on the module. The spike voltage has a large influence, so the stacked busbar substrate is used to make the stray inductance of the circuit as small as possible.www.guoweimoto.com