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Maintenance method of scooter

Mar 15, 2020

1. Within 1000 km of the new car, the speed should not exceed 50 km / h; within 2000 km, the speed should not exceed 80 km / h. As long as it does not exceed the recommended speed, use as many gears as possible to make the motorcycle come in to the best condition.

2. Motorcycle oil has the functions of lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning, anti-rust, etc. It is equivalent to the blood of the engine and has a very important effect. Since the engine is free of oil or the quality of the oil is poor, it will soon cause the internal parts to burn, greatly reducing the life of the engine. Therefore, maintaining the right amount of engine oil is of great importance for the use of pure 100 engine oil.

3. The two and four-stroke engine oils are not interchangeable; the amount of oil injected varies depending on the model, subject to the dipstick; the amount of oil added is not as much as possible, it must be between the upper and lower limits of the dipstick .

4. The air filter is to filter the air entering the engine cylinder, so the filter element of the air filter is easy to become dirty. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause insufficient air intake and too rich mixture, which will cause the engine power to drop and increase fuel consumption. , Long time will also cause burning oil. Therefore, the air filter must be cleaned in time, especially in dusty places.