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Master several key points when purchasing electric vehicles

Mar 03, 2021

Choose a regular brand. The models of regular brands have industry standards, and all models start with TD . Choose a nearby store to contact the target model, seeing is believing, be prepared for questions, and consult the store more. Refer to the motor, battery, brakes, tires, frame and other factors in this article to identify the general condition of a scooter. When buying offline, there are too many cases of civet changing princes. You must take out the product certificate, check whether the code of the whole vehicle and the motor code are consistent, check whether the battery is brand new, and check whether it has 3C certification. When buying online, buy at self-operated or flagship stores, pay attention to recent activities, and there are often discounts and discounts for electric vehicles. If you don’t understand anything, just look at it. The warranty time and the warranty time of each component are different. Compared with the model, the longer the warranty, the better the parts used and the longer the lifespan.