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Matters needing attention in the use of motorcycles (一)

Apr 12, 2020

1. Do not have to go to the car wash shop or let others help you to wash the car. The car wash shop seems to have complete tools and operating specifications, but its poor efficiency effect is also present. If it is not good, it will also get cremation plugs and various lines. malfunction.

2. Be sure to cool down the hot car before washing. Suddenly rinse the engine, exhaust pipe and other parts with cold water. The principle of thermal expansion and contraction is well known. It will damage the oil seals in various parts and cause oil leakage in the engine. Many of the Moyou engines have slight oil leakage for this reason. It will also cause the chrome plating layer at the connection between the exhaust pipe and the engine to fall off and oxidize and rust.

3. Headlights, left and right handrails, electric doors, exhaust pipe exhaust ports (preferably plugged with things), horns, cremation plugs, air filters, batteries and other parts are best not to be washed directly with water, these parts have circuits, After wet, it will cause a short circuit or electric leakage. The lamp will not turn on, the horn will not ring, the fire will not catch, and the driving will be weak. It is best to wipe it with a rag.

4. Car wash must clean the lower part of the engine and the heat sink. It is recommended to use a toothbrush to wash with detergent. This has the advantage of being beautiful and easy to find problems such as engine oil leakage.