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Motor Scooters controller protection

Nov 28, 2018

As an important part of the Motor Scooters, the protection function of the controller has an important influence on the normal use of the whole vehicle. The protection function of the controller refers to the failure of the commutating power tube in the controller, the over-discharge of the power supply, and the failure of the motor during operation due to certain faults or misoperations. The protective measures taken by the signal.


The first is to have a brake power-off function. This function is that when the Motor Scooters brake operation is performed, the switch is pushed closed or disconnected, and the original switch state is changed. The change forming signal is transmitted to the control circuit, and the circuit issues an instruction according to the preset program, and immediately cuts off the base driving current, turns off the power, and stops the power supply. Therefore, both the power tube itself and the motor are protected, and the waste of the power source is prevented.


Followed by undervoltage protection and overcurrent protection, the former is mainly used to protect electronic devices and power supplies. The latter is to cut off the current after a certain delay in overcurrent. In addition, the controller also has an overload protection function. As long as there is overcurrent protection, the circuit automatically cuts off the power after the load exceeds the limit, and a series of consequences caused by overloading can be avoided. In addition, it also has a speed limit protection function. When the speed of the Motor Scooters exceeds a certain predetermined value, the circuit stops supplying power and does not assist to achieve the protection.http://www.guoweimoto.com/