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New definition of curved beam scooters

Apr 06, 2021

Curved beam scooters are widely welcomed by consumers in Southeast Asian countries and are affectionately called " national scooters " , while the same products are called " farmer scooters " in the Chinese market . Curved beam scooters lack fashion elements because of their low price and poor appearance. , The consumer groups are concentrated in the rural areas, so the worst market image has become a constant force. Until 2004 , Shenzhen Tak source for the new continents Honda Cub " new concept " sdh125-2 made " scooters, but also AUV , 4 wheel +2 wheel fashion a new life ," positioning, and establish a bending beam The new image of the scooter. The success of Huideyuan is not only the success of the " new concept " scooter, but more importantly, it has expanded the living space of the curved beam scooter in the entire motorcycle industry and improved the overall image of the curved beam scooter model. At the same time, due to the positioning of "4 wheels + 2 wheels " , a new group of curved-beam scooter consumption has been opened up, and the demand for the purchase of curved-beam scooters has been generated by the auto family. A large number of potential consumers who are eager to own scooters have passed the " first 2 wheels". The goal of " rear four wheels " in two steps is to realize the consumption of curved beam vehicles, thus reaching the highest level of marketing : creating demand.