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Novice motorcycle models recommended entry

Mar 17, 2021

Domestic, joint venture, and imported models really look dazzling, with various styles, various displacements, and various brands. However, for novices, considering the three most important factors of favorite style, budget, and body shape, choose Not that much. Before we start, let’s define a novice. The novice here refers to a classmate who has never ridden a motorcycle before and just got a motorcycle book from the driving school exam. Exclude those who are born with amazing bones, and exclude those who have been driving without a license since childhood. Classification: 1. Sports scooter, imitation racing. " This kind of scooter is built for speed at first glance. First, it is driven on the road, and secondly, there are racing elements, the deflector, imitating the streamlined shape of a GP racing scooter. This kind of scooter is called imitation race. Drivers are required to master the correct sitting posture and center of gravity. It is not recommended for novices to start imitation racing type as soon as they come up. Otherwise, back pain, hip pain, and wrist pain after half an hour. Be sure to proceed step by step and experience gradually The feeling of good condition, if you feel that the scooter is a burden as soon as you step into the scooter, forget it. The most important thing about riding a motorcycle is to feel the joy of riding.