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Overall layout and analysis of electric tricycle structure

May 04, 2019

The new electric tricycle adopts a three-wheel structure. The power arrangement is the rear and rear wheel drive of the electric motor. The drive motor is installed in the rear wheel hub and the rear wheel is integrated into one body, which can save the internal space of the vehicle and make the powertrain. The mechanism is simple, easy to repair and disassemble; at the same time, it is very beneficial to improve the power transmission efficiency and reduce the weight of the whole vehicle.


For the front and rear support plates, the main components of this time, according to the structural design requirements of the electric tricycle, the front support plate is fixed with a neutral idler, the rear support plate is fixed at the top, the lower end is equipped with two drive motors and tires, and the battery is installed under the seat cushion. The support plate basket is hung in the basket to reserve a space for the retracted portion of the pedal.


Moreover, some electric tricycles incorporate solar energy technology, which converts solar energy into a computer and compensates and charges the battery of the electric vehicle to supplement part of the energy consumed by the vehicle, thereby prolonging the travel time of the vehicle. When the solar battery cannot meet the driving demand of the electric vehicle, the battery of the electric vehicle can be charged by the power source. As a new type of green vehicle, solar electric tricycle can be used as a convenient travel tool.www.guoweimoto.com