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Precautions before using electric two-wheelers

Apr 03, 2020

Because the power source of the electric two-wheeled vehicle is provided by the battery, every time you ride the electric vehicle to go out, you need to do some inspections.

1. Before leaving the car every day, first check whether the power is sufficient. This is the premise of the operation of the electric car. If it is not checked in time, there may be a situation where there is no electricity halfway.

2. It is necessary to check whether the braking performance of the electric two-wheeled vehicle is good, because the tram does not require manpower and runs too fast. At this time, good braking performance is required to prevent accidents.

3. To check whether his screws are loose or not, repair the faults in time and remove them only after checking and confirming that there are no faults.

After using the electric two-wheeled vehicle, remember to turn off the power switch, pull out the key, pull the gear switch to the neutral position, and pull the handbrake.