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Precautions for 3 wheel electric tricycles

Mar 11, 2021

1 . Cold weather charging 3 wheel electric tricycles to the ground, do not wait to run out of power recharging, will hurt the battery. 2 . Cold electric tricycle run far, is not necessarily a bad battery, the temperature rise will be restored. The mileage of electric tricycles will gradually return to normal. 3 . When start or uphill, electric tricycle try to slow acceleration. 4 . To charge electric tricycle, preferably in the control 10 within hours after transfection can then float lamp 1-2 hours. 5 . Cold electric tricycle lowest power not less than 30% , the need for timely charge. 6 . Tricycle, unused one charge every month, to avoid sulfide battery. 7 . Battery mileage drops too obvious to need electric tricycle shops or repair shops testing. Some electric tricycles have a significant decrease in mileage when the temperature drops. For example, the mileage is less than 10 kilometers on a full charge . The battery has generally been used for more than two years. You can go to a regular electric tricycle shop or repair shop for testing. Your battery may need to be replaced. .