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Precautions for driving a tricycle

Apr 10, 2020

1. Slow down before turning, look backwards, reach out and signal, not allowed to turn suddenly;

2. When overtaking the preceding car, it is not allowed to hinder the overtaking;

3. When passing a steep slope, crossing more than four motor lanes, or when the brake on the way fails, you must get off the vehicle to carry it out. Before getting off the vehicle, you must reach out and swing up and down to avoid hindering the driving of the vehicle behind;

4. Do not allow your hands to leave the handlebars, climb other vehicles or hold things in your hands;

5. It is not allowed to tow or be towed by other vehicles;

6. It is forbidden to stand side by side, chase each other, or tortuously race;

7. It is not allowed to drive tricycles in parallel.