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Precautions for purchasing and going out for passenger electric tricycles

Apr 30, 2019

The electric tricycle has a relatively small self-protection ability, so try to pay attention to safety. When it rains and snows, when the road is slippery, try not to ride the electric tricycle. Although our vehicle brake performance is very good, the road is too slippery. Lead to the phenomenon of the pulley.


If an elderly person is riding an electric tricycle, try to be careful. If you have the conditions, you can bring a young man to the accident, and you can get a better solution in time. Before going out, check the electric tricycle, if there is any problem that needs to be repaired, and if necessary, maintain and maintain it in time to avoid malfunction on the road and it is difficult to return.


The level of electric three-wheeled cargo is very important, and the main criterion for measuring it is the size of the body and the size of the battery. Therefore, when purchasing, this is something we should pay special attention to, and we need to look at the electric tricycle. The thickness of the iron plate of the car, and this we need to measure from its weight, many electric tricycles produced by poor quality companies, because the plates are too thin, can not afford too many items of the teeth, it will greatly reduce it The service life, this should also be our special attention.www.guoweimoto.com